Kindly Note:

  • Google Cloud Print option can be enabled only if printer has Google Cloud Print capability
  • Printer should be connected to an active internet connection through Ethernet or Wi-Fi.
  • Google Cloud Print does not support USB Connection.
  • Google Cloud Print is a free service that allows you to securely print photo and document from any network connected device (Computer, Mobile and Tablet) to the printer.
  • Google Cloud Print does not require any software or driver downloads to print with Google Cloud Print.
  • Pre-requisites for using Google Cloud Print
  • Have devices running chrome, Mac (OS X 10.7 or Later)/ Windows (XP or Later)/Chrome book A Google Account
  • Google Chrome browser installed on your device To print via Google Cloud Print, the HP printer should be connected to same network as your device with an active internet connection
  • Note: Google Cloud Print will not work if you connect your printer with a USB cable
  • Registration Process for Google Cloud Print
  • Turn on your Printer
  • Sign into Google account on your Chrome browser.
  • Go to settings on your Chrome browser
  • Navigate to Advanced setting.
  • Click the Manage button under Google Cloud Print.
  • Click the Add Printer button and select your printer and register
  • If your printer is already registered, you would be able to find it under My Devices on Google Cloud Print settings.
  • Note: If your Printer shows up under New Devices, you need to register, re-register to confirm and then print a confirmation page.
  • If your Printer is not listed, ensure that your printer is connected to the network or try to connect using your printer’s email address
  • How to print using Google Cloud Print on Computer
  • Sign into Google account on your Chrome browser.
  • Upload your preferred file on your computer to Google Drive.
  • Select the print from Google cloud print
  • How to print using Google Cloud Print on Android device
  • Install Cloud Print app from Google play store.
  • Go to Settings on Application
  • Navigate to More Settings on network.
  • Select Printing on it and Add your printer.
  • Then you can print any of your selected email, document or picture through Google Cloud Print.

  • How to print using Google Cloud Print on ios 7.0
  • Install Google apps on your iPhone, iPad or iPod
  • Print a document or image or an email or web page using Google Cloud Print.

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