Overview of Air Print

  • Air Print is a mobile printing solution built into Apple devices
  • It requires no set up, download or installation of any kind
  • Enables printing full quality photos and documents from iPad, iPhone, iTouch (iOS Ver 4.2 and above) and Mac (Version 10.7 and above).
  • AirPrint is supported by many apps including default apps like Mail, Safari, iWorks, and Photos
  • Note:The HP printer should be connected to same network as your device with an active internet connection to print using Air Print
  • AirPrint option can be enabled only if printer has Air Print capability
  • Printer should be connected to an active internet connection through Ethernet or Wi-Fi.
  • AirPrint also supports USB Connection.
  • How to print using Air Print
  • Open the email, photo, document, web pages and content from apps you want to print and tap on the apple share icon.
  • Click Print option and select the number of copies.
  • Select your printer
  • Available Printing options.
  • Duplex Printing (Printing on both side)
  • Navigate to More Settings on network.
  • Selecting desired pages to print.
  • Paper size can be modified

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